At The Economist: on Franklin Graham, a comment by Political Reporter

Franklin Graham learned evangelical politics from his father Billy. Graham pere, a former tent preacher, on the road to bourgeois political respectability engaged in a more adroit sub rosa politicking. Some might identify this as a lack of courage or even hypocrisy. See this Wiki entry:
Under the headings Politics and Controversy
Billy preferred working behind the scene,Franklin prefers a more open yet guarded practice of politics, avoiding overt endorsement of candidates, protecting his religious tax exemption.
Billy’s White House commiseration with Nixon on ‘the Jews of Hollywood’ was an object lesson, not lost on Franklin!
Evangelicals are steeped in their self-created myth, of themselves as victims of an utterly corrupt and godless secularism. The Old Time Religion of both Billy and Franklin has a deep visceral attachment to Neo-Confederate/Originalism of the Republican Party from Nixon to the Party of the present and its self-destructive nihilism.

Political Reporter

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