At The Financial Times: Daniel Politi on Mauricio Macri lifts Argentina’s capital controls

Daniel Politi writes two essays on the lifting of capital controls in which he speaks to Neo-Liberal bureaucrats and brokers or spokesmen for brokerage houses: all this in anticipation of a flood of foreign investment to the New Argentine Economy, that embraces a portion of the ‘strong medicine’ postponed by the long reign of husband and wife (Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner)?

Can one speculate in the pages of this house organ of Capitalist Apologetics, what will be the political picture a year or two years from now? After the settlement with Paul Singer, how will Mauricio Macri numbers look after that ‘strong medicine’ takes hold and trickles down? A political revival  featuring a de Kirchner epigone or even a more charismatic Peronist?

Two reports of interest:

One wonders what the electorate will think, but more importantly what they will do politically in the wake of these ‘economic reforms’ and the effects on the life of the citizenry? Not to speak of the falling value of the Peso! Which seems here an utter irrelevance! The political blindness of the economic/political ideologue?

The Neo-Liberal Utopian Hayek offered the Market as the only real viable form of knowledge, while ignoring the central place of a vibrant civic/political life, as the cornerstone that made Capitalism a possibility/actuality within that indispensable civic/political frame.

On the fall of the Argentine Peso:

Political Observer

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