At The Financial Times: Courtney Weaver on Trump and Putin

Ms. Weaver has shown, with this essay, that she is not a ‘reporter’ but a fully fledged member of the Western Press, and its construction of the Myth of Putin The Terrible. Following the Party Line relentlessly ballyhooed by the FT, The Economist, The New York Times and Victoria Nuland,The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and the other co-conspirators in the Ukrainian Coup.  American/EU NGO’s NATO, and  the chorus of Neo-Cons and R2P zealots/propagandists:  Samantha Power, Michael Ignateiff , Timothy Snyder, The New York Review of Books and Eurozine. These and many more political actors helped to construct The New Cold War!

Ms. Weaver puts to question this among other inquiries:

‘In his campaign, Mr Trump appears to be taking chapters out of Mr Putin’s handbook. There is the creation of a perceived external threat (in Mr Putin’s case, the US and its encroachment into Russia’s sphere of influence; in Mr Trump’s, it is Muslims and illegal immigrants);’

She compares Trump to Putin in terms of decisive action so much admired by her two protagonists is this political vignette: Tal Wollschlaeger and Duane Ernster. The utter failure of the Neo-Liberal Dogma to bring that Free Market Utopia into being, has brought forth the political monster of Populism, and its infatuation with the Caudillo, in the mold of Peron! Trump has had many years on television to perfect his personae as just that.

Putin, in this iteration of the Myth, is, of course, subject to the paranoid delusion of an outside enemy, yet the fact of the Ukrainian Coup and the utterly corrupt and incompetent governance that followed, of what is left of that state, and our murderous proxy war, are the dismal proof of American/EU political machinations. Not to speak of the evolving role of Right Sector and Svoboda and their epigones in the national politics of that state. The West has seen fit to exercise its murderous, blundering, not to speak of incompetent political will on Ukraine. And attempts to deny its responsibility by blaming Putin as The New Stalin: this is now a part of the sham narrative invented and nurtured by American/EU apologists.

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