At The Financial Times: Janan Ganesh on Austerity, a comment by Political Observer

At what point do the Neo-Liberals come clean about the Neo-Liberal/Austerity/Economic Doldrums theology as a demonstrable failure? Asking for honesty from a grifter is probably like believing in the a fore mentioned theology. Mr. Ganesh is a political fabulist who inhabits the literary husk of Calvino, tellingly absent the charm and metaphysical whimsy, which makes our author’s essay seem like an exercise in what? I once in these pages compared Mr. Ganesh to Derrida, but after reading his Psyche, and pondering the question, I find that Kierkegaard as the vexed, even perverse, yet worshipful acolyte of Hegal, seems a more apt characterization of Mr. Ganesh. He is the ersatz philosopher and practicing writer/politician.

Does the notion that Austerity needs to applied with due regard for equality of distribution, among an economically diverse population, and with dispassion not to speak of equanimity -how does the failure of this trio as practiced since the Crash of 2008 make anything like political sense, or even approximate political rationality? Mr. Ganesh answers none of these pressing questions, but supplies the reader with points of argument that can lead to a political pragmatism that is a simulacrum that mimes political fairness, almost.

Political Observer

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