At The Financial Times: Rep. Paul Ryan as the Indispensable Man, a comment by Political Reporter

A reader has to wonder at Rep.Paul Ryan’s status at The Financial Times  as the least objectionable of the Jacobins. His ‘Budget Proposals’ are now consigned to the richly deserved obscurity of bad propaganda. The Rule of The Forty leaves 433 unaccounted for, and consider that in the American Republic the names of the Representatives that make up the Freedom Caucus are secret. How can doing the public’s business be done in secret?

Is Rep. Ryan the only viable candidate for the job? If so, the paucity of leadership candidates demonstrates a troubling fact about the Party. A Party that since 2008, that has not governed, but obstructed the president at every turn, the government shutdown being it’s political desperation move. Look at the Benghazi Hearings for how ineffective this Republican Circus has been: Ms. Clinton’s donations jumped appreciably after her appearance. One can only wonder what Rep Gowdy and his fellow Party members expected? Ms. Clinton gained in campaign contributions:

Donations have been flooding into campaign coffers over the past 13 hours since her testimony in front of the House Benghazi committee wrapped late Thursday night, thrilling Clinton fundraisers on the eve of a weekend-long finance committee meeting that couldn’t have come at a better time. According to communications director Jennifer Palmieri, the hour between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. last night was their best fundraising hour of the campaign to date.

Rallying in Virginia Friday, Clinton said her campaign had broken the 500,000 donor mark, meaning she has gotten over 100,000 new contributors in October alone. The campaign then added that over half of the donations it received on Thursday were from new contributors, and that 99% of them were less than $250.

How can Rep. Ryan rescue the Party from it’s penchant for perpetual self -defeat?

For a refreshingly insightful essay on Rep. Ryan see Amanda Marcotte’s essay at Alternet, first published at Salon, the title and sub-title are instructive. ‘Paul Ryan’s ‘Family Values’ Are that Only Elite Families Have Value:Paul Ryan isn’t a hypocrite. He just sees a family life as a privilege for the elite, instead of a right for all.’ A telling paragraph:

But this whole incident is a reminder that what is wrong with Ryan’s libertarian-inflected conservatism goes far deeper than mere hypocrisy. In fact, I’d argue that Ryan isn’t really a hypocrite at all, but that this move to preserve his family time is a perfect distillation of the Ayn Rand-constructed worldview he has, where all the goodies are reserved for the elite and the rest of us can go hang. And by “goodies,” I don’t just mean NFL tickets and first class plane tickets every weekend. Increasingly, the Republican worldview is one where even basic things like love, connection, and other basic human needs are being reclassified as privileges that should only be available to the wealthy.

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