At The Financial Times: Philippe Sands asks vital questions, some observations by Political Reporter

I’m writing my comment on October 18, 2015, and why that is germane is that The Intercept has published a series of related essay called The Drone Papers:

This is a collection of ten essays that map the abject failure of America’s Drone Policy. With 80 to 90 % killing of civilians and an unreliable practice of intelligence gathering , and it’s many euphemisms, for that unreliability/failure- the question arises: what will Mr. Cameron do that the American Hegemon could not do? The American Empire with it’s seemingly endless treasury, and it’s massive collection of technocrats, which can’t even come up with anything like ‘reliability’, in terms of that intelligence gathering! The civilian deaths associated with the utter failure of this policy, as judged by another set  of technocrats, who evaluate those policies, is a vicious circle of demonstrated incompetence!

Mr. Sands raises  the legal issue of British intervention, and what ever legal pretext Mr. Cameron and his advisers can cobble together: perhaps, Mr. Cameron needs a John Yoo, to confect, out of political need, something like the ‘Unitary Executive Theory’, that was the legal rationalization/blueprint for a complete abuse of  executive power in America?

Political Reporter

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