At the IBT: Mr. Harry Leslie Smith on ‘Cameron’s attack on ‘terrorist-sympathising’ Corbyn resembles a McCarthyist witch-hunt’, a comment by Political Reporter

The Corbyn Panic is now normalized by Cameron. One need only read The Financial Times, The Economist. Even the TLS gets into the spirit of the Witch Hunt, with  Peter Hennessy’s review of  Nick Robinson’s Election Notebook and The Times Guide To The House of Commons of September 25, 2015. One is struck by Mr. Hennessy’s political prescience as he predicts with an inspiring and or dotty confidence the defeat of Labour in 2020, with this astounding sentence, couched in a question:

Was the May 2020 general election won by the Conservatives at 11:45 on the morning of Saturday, September 12, in the QEII Centre at Westminister when Jeremy Corbyn was announced as the runaway winner securing nearly 60 per cent of the vote on the first ballet?

Mr. Hennessy does a bit of backtracking on this sentence in his next, yet the power of this question is retained in one’s memory, despite that qualification. The political prescience of Corbyn’s critics can only be called acts of clairvoyance or political metaphysics?

But wait the pièce de résistance is Tony Green’s rhetorical intervention that identifies ‘ultra left rhetoric’ and ‘out-of-touch marxists’ as the central concern of the reader of  Mr. Harry Leslie Smith’s essay. Green’s rhetoric/argument simply makes plain the fact that Mr. Smith has identified political hysterics as the central themes of the Corbyn Panic.

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