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‘a new Cold War between the two camps will emerge.’ It’s here! ushered in by @RussiaHand and his R2P allies: The New York Review of Books writer Timothy Snyder, the zealot Samantha Power, not to speak of Neo-Con black widow Victoria Nuland! One shouldn’t forget the seemingly feckless President Obama, as inept leader of US mendacious New Cold Warriors!   Nuland and her NGO confederates: The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, not to speak of the ungovernable Fascists, Right Sector and Svoboda, now disappeared from the mainstream apologetics for the Coup Government, and it’s political predations/censorship. For the particulars on the new laws governing speech in Ukraine and the effectiveness of Poroshenko as a usable American/EU puppet go here:


A downward slide?

As things stand now, neither side can make the concessions necessary to make a grand bargain work. As a result, both now find themselves sliding towards a new Cold War that neither really wants.

We hope that statesmen on both sides will prove us wrong by finding the courage and foresight necessary to overcome these commitment problems. But it is difficult to be optimistic given the current political climate, as talk in both capitals is dominated by the sort of Russia- and America-bashing, which prevents either side from developing an appreciation of the other’s security concerns.

Political Observer


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