At The American Prospect: Mr. Paul Waldman on The GOP’s Delusion, a comment by Political Reporter

Paul Waldman demonstrates the bankruptcy of ‘Liberalism’ in his essay at The American Prospect titled ‘The GOP Delusions’ with the sub-title of ‘ Politicians and voters, both pretending their party can do things it can’t.’ by using this attack as one of his arguments:

‘Cruz is not a legislator, he’s a performer, a kind of right-wing version of the Code Pink activists who disrupt Capitol Hill hearings.’

Code Pink is a political organization that has used political theater/agitprop to focus national attention on vital political issues, and has been effective in the use of those tactics. Sen. Cruz is a senator elected to govern! Is the difference between them not readily apparent? Except to pundits whose raison d’être is the cultivation of  bourgeois political respectability, Mr. Waldman qualifies as such a writer.
There can be no doubt that the Republican Party will destroy itself: a collection of Dime Store Robespierres, whose belief in governance is non-existent. Sen. Lugar was purged from the Party not because he wasn’t Conservative enough but because he practiced the art of the possible, without apology!
Mr. Waldman doesn’t even address a question or speculation that seems patently obvious: where are the Eisenhower Republicans while the nihilists destroy the Party? He’s too busy appreciating/relishing the Republican Circus, not to speak of indulging in unseemly anti-left hysteria mongering. As the American melodrama unfolds, in a series of carefully orchestrated political events, featuring political actors, who can only pretend that Trump is just another candidate, instead of the main attraction.

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