At The Financial Times: Martin Wolf on Jeremy Corbyn’s challenge to economic convention, a comment by Political Reporter

From his somewhat equivocating first paragraph, to his economic analysis and his lapse into the  prescriptive, Mr. Wolf’s faint praise of Mr. Corbyn and his economic brain trust is mired in Neo-Liberal myopia. The fact that Corbyn and that brain trust are just a beginning of a long overcoming of an entrenched, indeed an institutionalized Neo-Liberalism, hasn’t yet reached the level of an intuition in Mr. Wolf’s consciousness. The a-historical world of a very specific kind of defensive journalism is indicative of that myopia, or is it more accurate to refer to a foreshortened history rather than the a-historical? John Pilger offers a sage analysis of that defensive journalism in this quotation:

These are dark times, in which the propaganda of deceit touches all our lives. It is as if political reality has been privatised and illusion legitimised. The information age is a media age. We have politics by media; censorship by media; war by media; retribution by media; diversion by media – a surreal assembly line of clichés and false assumptions.

Mr. Wolf’s essay doesn’t quite come close to the  notion of  ‘ a surreal assembly line of clichés and false assumptions.’ but comes close enough to offer an invitation to a number of considerations.

Political Reporter

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