Daily Beast reporter Ben Nimmo on the Putin/Corbyn allience, a comment by Political Observer

Never fear it is perpetually 1952 at The Beast! And the political weather is always turbulent. There is my consistent  favorite, Mr. Weiss, to do the heavy lifting, handling the weighty matter of Robert Conquest’s obituary, stoking the New Cold War fires with Old Cold War Nostalgia, it was a bravura performance. But Mr. Nimmo has the pedestrian task of a bit of bashing both of Corbyn and Putin. Tony Blair’s political hysterics at the Guardian and the unstinting political screeching at The Financial Times hasn’t phased Mr. Nemmo, as the front rank of Corbyn as Satan propganda.

The fact that Putin is a religious and political conservative doesn’t interfere with the main thesis of the essay that RT is the font of Corbyn Apologetics. Putin is in editorial control of RT, recall it is 1952, and dictators keep their media outlets under strict ideological control. What might this unregenerate Leftist have in common with the very Conservative Mr. Putin? To drive a political wedge in Britain as part of his Master Plan to defeat ‘Western Hegemony’? We are deep in McCarthy/Nixon territory.

Given this, how does one explain the Judith Miller Scooter Libby alliance? to bring the discussion back to American ground. The New York Times is without doubt an outlet for American propaganda, and this is simply one instance of that glaring reality.But again, we are anchored in 1952, at the height of The Cold War and those kinds of questions constitute an ideological deviation that will be severely punished. Most likely in the pages of The Daily Beast, with Mr. Nimmo acting as inquisitor, recall that McCarthy/Nixon tradition.

Political Observer


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2 Responses to Daily Beast reporter Ben Nimmo on the Putin/Corbyn allience, a comment by Political Observer

  1. Ben Nimmo is a NATO press officer… that was literally his job. This is blatant anti Russia, anti war / Corbyn propaganda by NATO.

    The article about infiltration and propaganda is a very example of infiltration and propaganda. That in itself is not the worse part – the worse part is that it’s promoting war/fear mongering.

    • Thank you for this valuable information, much appreciated! I didn’t think to google his name. Mr. Weiss is putting into place his Neo-Con/R2P allies, that just look like more of the same, writers eager to be paid and published. While Mr. Nimmo is most certainly a paid propagandist.
      Best regards,

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