Mr. Lake on Obama’s Neo-Con fear mongering, a comment by Political Observer

Notice the extreme defensiveness of Mr. Lake and the reason for that is he is one of ‘those Neo-Cons’ the president is referring to. No surprise here. Mr. Lake has been consistent from The Daily Beast to BV in his unslakable appetite for war, as long as someone else is doing the fighting and dying. He shares that sentiment with William Kristol, Robert Kagan and a host of others.Not many Neo-Cons have served in the Armed Forces: the two most prominent politicians of the Neo-Con world view are McCain and Cotton, and tag-along Lindsey Graham.
The president should be familiar with the Neo-Con as Vitoria Nuland and Amb. Pyatt are, at the least, fellow travelers! Even R2P zealot Samantha Power tows the Party Line. The president’s Foreign Policy reflects a kind of schizophrenia: a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine and rapprochement with Iran. Why wouldn’t voters of either Party be a bit befuddled, by the president’s antithetical political/policy positions. This a perfect opening that almost makes Mr. Lake’s essay look credible. Almost!
Political Observer

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