Mr. Bernie Quigley on NATO and Europe

Is Bernie Quigley the nom de guerre that Niall Ferguson has adopted for this editorial? The argument such as it is: America has been carrying these politically worthless Europeans for too long, to foreshorten this diatribe! Quigley/Ferguson echos the Germans on the Greeks? One might guess that from the deeply pessimistic attitude, not to speak of cynicism that NATO and Europe produce in this thinker. He mentions the mandarine Kennan and his Long Telegram, but fails to mention his publication of same under different guise in Foreign Policy , if I recall correctly. Or to even mention Lippmann’s extensive, not to say devastating reply. Call it the Disagreement of The Mandarins to stay within the parameters of Foreign Policy Chatter that Mr. Quigley/Ferguson practices with a certain aplomb.
As for the notion of Kennan as ‘secessionists’ the letters that are produced as proof date from the 97th  year of Mr. Kennan’s life. 
We needn’t worry, with the passage of the TPA and it’s successor TPP we are about to enter the world remade into an International Corporatist political hegemony, the EU being our model for the utter decline of democracy, and state sovereignty, as economic corollary to the National Security States of ‘The West’.  America will never give up on Europe or NATO it is an instrument of the exercise of dominance over Europe, and the instrument to fight off ‘Russian revanchism’ and a proxy war with Russia over Ukraine: The New Cold War.

For an informative and gossipy history of Cold War personalities like Kennan and the Alsop brothers i.e. The WASP Ascendancy see The Georgetown Set. Not quite as addicted to current pop culture references as Quigley/Ferguson, but
but it provides insights that Joe Alsop’s Cold War  or The Color of Truth: McGeorge Bundy and William Bundy, Brothers in Arms don’t offer . Those insights are about the political and personal connectedness of policy makers like Kennan and the Bundy brothers. What is offered about Kennan is his stalwart advocacy/apologetics for American power, even as he played the Liberal Dissident role in the pages of The New York Review of Books.
 I think my Quigley/Ferguson speculation falls a bit flat near the end, as Mr. Quigley lapses into a kind of caricature of Isolationism, that lacks the self-presentation of historical sophistication, that is one of the  salient markers of the Ferguson’s argumentative style. In Mr. Quigley’s world-view it is the primacy of the Anglo-American Special Relationship, while Europe is to languish. Yet we are witnessing the coming apart of the EU in agonizing installments under the leadership of  the current  Merkel/Schäuble allience.
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