Nicholas Xenos describes the Straussian Method, and I provide some examples of it’s application

Here is a copy of page 100 and 101 of Cloaked in Virtue. I have provided a link to a copy that can be enlarged for easier reading :


In this page and a half Xenos describes the Straussian method used in the interpretation of Spinoza’s Treatise and  Xenophon’s Hiero. But here is a description of the Straussian Method that applies to the whole of Strauss’ interpretive endeavors:


See this methodology, described by Mr. Xenos, used by two prominent Neo-Conservative thinkers/technocrats:

First, Mr. Fukuyama in this essay: ‘The Decay of American Political Institutions’, I’m sorry to say is no longer available. A Google search provides a link that doesn’t work! In place of that, here is a link to my January 5, 2014 comment that provides some quotations from the essay and my replies:

Second, Robert Kagan’s ‘Superpowers Don’t Get to Retire’:

Here are links to the three comments I wrote in reply to the Kagan essay. I suffered from the intellectual malady/ennui that Xenos so carefully describes/articulates/demonstrates in the latter part of  page 101, as I have posted above:


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