Mr. Tusk on the danger of political radicals,Left and Right: Episode XLI of The European Crisis

Mr. Tusk is a most welcome guest at The Financial Times: first it is ‘Left’ and ‘Right’, political radicalism that threatens the EU, but then Mr. Tusk gets to the central argument that resonates with both its editors and readers:

Mr Tusk said he was concerned about the far left, which he believes is advocating “this radical leftist illusion that you can build some alternative” to the current EU economic model. He argued those far-left leaders were pushing to cast aside traditional European values like “frugality” and liberal, market-based principles that have served the EU in good stead.

Those ‘traditional European values like frugality and liberal market-based principals’ could be stated with more clarity, if Mr. Tusk was more candid: the celebrated ‘frugality’ trades upon the moralizing cliche of the Virtuous Northern Tier as opposed to the Profligate Southern Tier. Please keep in mind Mr. Wolf’s break with ideological protocol in calling Germany/Merkel, the economic motor of  EU authoritarianism, a serial defaulter?

And don’t forget that the ‘liberal market-based principals’ that Mr. Tusk refers to are Neo-Liberal values, if such exists. We are in the seventh year of the watershed of that failed ideology, yet still it’s myths persist, it is a cancer that continues to metastasize. More Austerity for Greece is an invitation to political/ethical/human disaster for Greece and the EU: the political compromise of Tsipras sets the stage for the political ascent of Golden Dawn as a viable political alternative, with Spain’s Podemos just off stage. Does that render Mr. Tusk’s muted political hysteria correct? Or is it a fact that the EU, by it’s reliance on economic/political technocrats i.e. Neo-Liberals, is antithetical to the idea and practice of democracy? Is it an inescapable political reality that monetary union must embrace a complete political integration to even approach viability?

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