The Republicans on the Iran Agreement, a comment by Political Observer

You have to just wonder,almost, at the screeching Republican/Neo-Con united political front on the Iran Agreement, and then compare it to the TPA/TPP alliance vote. The TPP was/is a state secret, yet the Republican Corporatists sided with the president on the issue of a total surrender of state sovereignty! Political conformity rules both houses of congress, so that the total political surrender to corporate power is amenable to both the New Democrats and the Republicans. While reaching an agreement with Iran takes on the coloration of the propaganda the Old Cold War: the Iranians are irrational,irresponsible and unfit custodians of  nuclear power/weapons, not to speak of their sponsorship of terrorists!
But the Republican amnesia on Reagan’s nefarious dealing with Iran,selling weapons to Iran, during the Iran/Iraq war and then giving the profits to the Contras is inconvenient!
McCain is shopworn, but Cotton, the protege of Mansfield and Kristol, might just prove to be a more potent force, than the utterly sclerotic present leadership. Perhaps, if the old guard exercises any thing like leadership/vision, Cotton will be given the leadership position on this issue, under the careful guidance of his elders.

Political Observer

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