Mr. Ferguson’s speculations on the Greeks ,a comment by Political Observer

Besides the usual, even obligatory, Left bashing, what leavens this serio-comic chatter, what rhetorically frames this essay is A Clockwork Orange and the ideas of the prominent Panglossian Steven Pinker. The Clockwork Olive is Mr. Ferguson’s attempt to meet the descriptive standard he set with Chimerica, but it all falls flat. Although it does meet the New York Times standard, to be read with bemusement/consternation or even a mild peal of laughter, that dies as quickly as it was born,with that very bitter cup of single origin coffee.

Popovers are meant to consumed right  from the oven, otherwise they become  soggy, rubbery and almost inedible, but a muffin will last a few hours, if handled properly. I’m thinking Mr. Ferguson’s essay is like that popover, that didn’t get eaten at breakfast. The good cook will cover it with Chicken a la King and eat it for lunch, rather than let it go to waste. As the French have known for centuries a sauce can mask a multitude of sins. Regrettably Mr. Ferguson is not Escoffier!

Political Observer

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