Mr. John Hudson’s career report on New Cold Warrior Victoria Nuland or the return, in spirit, of Richard Holbrooke?

With Ms. Nuland, and her foreign policy confederates Samantha Power and Susan Rice, we are destined for war with Russia. Or at the least an exacerbation of The New Cold War, with it’s proving ground in Ukraine. Forget the cost in human lives and suffering, as Neo-Conservatives are ethically and morally bankrupt purveyors of politically exploitable chaos, as a tool of imperial ambition. The Neo-Cons are still in thrall to the Cold War Triumphalism and it’s successor: a manufactured radical political nostalgia for the rhetoric of Ronald Reagan as the substance of ‘Policy’. Please, don’t forget that Ms. Nuland was chief of staff to Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, self-ascribed RussiaHand, and understudy to the professional American bully Richard Holbrooke. Call Ms. Nuland a worthy successor to these two paragons of diplomatic virtue!

Mr. Hudson does his best to disguise his career report on the redoubtable Ms. Nuland, as a political actor worthy of attention and respect, within a thoroughly colonized political establishment, with some comments on her personal life. A sample of the Nuland bathos is in order:

At her swearing-in ceremony, Nuland referenced Kagan’s essay in a heartfelt testament to their marriage. “He is my Mars, he is my Venus, he is my planet Earth,” she said.

If you are at all familiar with the Kagan family, and their unrelenting bellicosity and service to the American National Security State, Mr. Hudson’s essay seems to take on the dimension of a vulgar black comedy.

Political Observer

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