Gideon Rachman’s political nihilism, a comment by Political Observer

Has the EU come to it’s final crisis point? Mr. Rachman’s exercise in political melodrama makes the argument that it is a real possibility, no matter the actions of it’s partners. Such political fatalism is tantamount to nihilism. Coming from two of the major advocates of Neo-Liberalism, The Financial Times and Mr. Rachman, as the answer to all questions of human endeavor, this is a startling admission of abject failure. Or just the growing pains of a misbegotten European Project? Recall Oskar Matzerath from Gunter Grass’ Tin Drum? Not an exact fit, but revelatory!

It’s all up in the air, and that makes Mr. Rachman and his employers very uncomfortable. This sentence gives  readers a clue as to the end game: a Greek alliance with Russia, endangering the almost cemented New Cold War and Greece as floodgate of unwanted immigrant populations. Call this fear mongering, although carefully hidden in plain sight.

From that position it could block and disrupt EU policy on a range of issues, from sanctions on Russia to illegal immigration. (Greece is one of the main entry points for illegal migrants from Europe.)

Mr. Rachman then brings to the fore the practice of Greek Clientelism and lack of competitiveness, as dangers to Greek economic rehabilitation, although Austerity has been a total failure. Where to turn for an alternative? Perhaps, the Greeks can move to the Corporatism that has become the model adopted in America, as the TPA and TPP and it’s various legislative successors, all shrouded in utmost secrecy as a condition of there passage, has become ascendent.  Only by discarding the trappings of Democracy can we realize the blessings of neoliberal rationalism.

The problems of clientelism and lack of competitiveness run too deep.

Political Observer

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