Mr. Lew warns of a Greek exit ‘accident’ , a comment by Political Observer

“There is great uncertainty at a time when the world needs greater stability and certainty,” said Mr Lew.”

Mr. Lew and his fellow technocrats have reason to worry about an ‘accident’ that will end in an acceleration of the slow but inexorable collapse of the EU, and the Corporatist politics that is the realization of Thatcher/Reagan, with an assist from the ambition and vision of  éminence grise Jean Monnet:

Following World War II, France was in severe need of reconstruction and completely dependent on coal from Germany’s main remaining coal-mining areas, the Ruhr and Saar areas. (The German coal fields in Upper Silesia had been handed over to Polish administration by the Allies in 1945, see Oder-Neisse line.)

In 1945 Monnet proposed the Monnet Plan, also known as the “Theory of l’Engrenage” (not to be confused with the Schuman plan). It included taking control of the remaining German coal-producing areas and redirecting the production away from the German industry and into the French, thus permanently weakening Germany and raising the French economy considerably above its pre-war levels. The plan was adopted by Charles de Gaulle in early 1946.[1]

Later that year, Monnet successfully negotiated the Blum–Byrnes agreement with the United States, which cleared France from a $2.8 billon debt (mostly World War I loans) and provided the country with an additional low-interest loan of $650 million. In return, France opened its cinemas to American movies.[9]

The ‘accident’ will not be avoided, as Mr. Lew and his Neo-Liberal confederates scheme, plan and hope for- the economic cudgel is quite an effective weapon! With Spain next, and then perhaps Portugal and Ireland, who will assert their sovereignty over their economic lives, as part and parcel of the Enlightenment/Kantian Tradition of emancipation from tutelage, to foreshorten the argument.

Mr. Lew and his superior President Obama, will brook no interference from Greece, in their collective ambition, to enable not political rule by civic actors, whose allegiance/practice is the principle of the cultivation of civic republican virtue, but whose sole motive is to a Corporatism, that annuls any kind of notion or practice of democracy.

Political Observer

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