Christopher Clark diagnosis Russian paranoia, a comment by Political Observer

The New Cold War is in full swing, so the academically qualified apologists for this re-engineered recrudescence  will come forward, as members in good standing of the National Security States of the E.U. to quietly supply ‘reasons’. And to effect a bit of Russia bashing, in the process of fueling The New Cold War, as a perfectly legitimate response to Russia’s self-serving historical blindness and recalcitrance.  Ignoring this from IISS on Obama’s discarding of the Bush missile shield from 2009:

Click to access 51-6-02-Fitzpatrick.pdf

Or this excerpt from Wikipedia:
‘EIS was cancelled in 2009 and subsequently replaced with a phased plan—the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System, which will include SM-3 Block IIA interceptors to be positioned in Poland from 2018.’
Or this from the BBC:

Titled: Q&A on Missile Defence
All of this is very confusing , yet we can discern a pattern of a more technically sophisticated strategy of encirclement or at the least something that functions in it’s stead.
But we do as readers have the Ukrainian Coup as incontrovertible evidence of American/EU/NATO political provocation/meddling although there are stronger words for this subversion!
And then this:
With the title:
‘Pro-Russian Hackers Expose U.S. Military Contractor Activity in Ukraine
The hactivist group ‘CyberBerkut’ has been relentlessly leaking and stealing documents from the Ukranian government and military allies’
Or this revelatory essay at The New Republic:
‘ The new laws in Ukraine go further. Their aim is to impose a sharp break between present-day Ukraine and its entire Soviet past, now deemed criminal. As they foreground a questionable story of ethnic Ukrainians who throughout their history fought Russian domination, these initiatives also whitewash dark areas of the country’s past.’
Mr. Clark does a workman like job supplying ‘reasons’, yet one can fully understand the Russian position as a rational, reasonable response to US/EU/NATO aggression on the installment plan! Even with the evocative historical garnish Mr. Clark’s essays qualifies as propaganda!

Political Observer

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1 Response to Christopher Clark diagnosis Russian paranoia, a comment by Political Observer

  1. My reply to 26may1989:
    Thank you for your comment. For those of us who came of age during the last Cold War we don’t need a ‘report’ to inform us of the fact that a ‘New Cold War’ is in full swing! The attacks on those who dissent as ‘dupes’ and as ‘paid agents of Putin’ hinting at the notion of ‘Quislings’ are all familiar territory. It smacks of the Nixon/McCarren/Mundt/McCarthy political axis of the late forties in America:’a generation of treason’ to describe The New Deal! Always the same screeching hysteria, although Mr. Clark in his search for ‘reasons’, while he carefully diagnosis Russian paranoia, and the self-identification as victim of Western mendacity, tries to mute the tone of that hysteria, by providing plausible historical antecedents, in a carefully massaged exercise in empiricism, and he acquits himself with a kind of confident ease.
    To provide one salient example of the same old faces, the same old rhetoric, from the last ‘Cold War’, we see Strobe Talbott of Brookings, or RussiaHand as he dubbed himself, one of the architects of the transition of the Soviet Union from command to a ‘free market’ economy, that required the ‘strong medicine’ of the ‘shock doctrine’ to make that transition. That transition led to the rise of The Oligarchs equaling former KGB thugs like your arch-enemy Putin. After that ignominious policy failure, hailed by the Western Media as a necessity for the transition to Democracy, that caused untold suffering on the Russian people: the triumph of the misery producing Neo-Liberal Dogma in it’s squalid infancy , or nearly that.

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