Alan Beattie on TPP, a comment by Political Observer

Mr. Alan Beattie does his best to animate his near hysterical tone, in his defense of TPP, with anti-populist rhetoric: populism equals democracy. This is surly a reach, as we in America say!  Aimed at a readership that thinks that this is a political truism, and for the rest of us just another example of what? class prejudice, the rhetoric of the Free Market in collapse? An example of the ‘makes’ and the ‘takers’ in the world view of pseudo-Hayekians or in vulgar parlance the  acolytes of  Ms. Rand?

For the technocratic view see Mr. Jeremy Shapiro’s obsequious essay at the Brookings web site:

See my comment on Mr. Shapiro’s essay here:

The Think Tank denizens are eternal job seekers, that curry favor with the powerful in hopes of finding work within government. A plumb position as an adviser to a President is not just desirable, but key to policy advancement. Does that sound cynical?

The TPP is secret, completely classified except for some revelatory leaks, so how might a conscientious member of congress cast an informed, intelligent vote? I hate to sound like the cynic, mentioned above, but this is not about ‘tribes’ but about party loyalty and political conformity. And Sen. Warren’s challenge to the President is most welcome in this context. Mr. Beattie needs to be reminded, that Sen. Warren is the voice of the politics of the New Deal, long since discarded by the New Democrats, as a homage to the political success of Ronald Reagan, and the political ambition of Bill Clinton.

The President’s slogan in his first campaign was ‘Hope and Change’ but what we got was Al Gore, a feckless Neo-Liberal, who is more than deserving of Sen. Warren’s unrelenting critique! And a no vote in Congress for this surrender of political/legal autonomy. One wonders where the Libertarians are on this issue: Ron and Rand Paul? I would welcome some comments from readers on this issue.

Political Observer

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