BHL on the Hebdo Dissenters, a comment by Almost Marx

Ah! Is there nothing more satisfying that reading BHL as he builds his case against the Hebdo Dissenters! It isn’t as if they have some how broken the rules of democratic society by dissenting? Or is that just the problem? Is dissenting from the deeply held political orthodoxy, as articulated by BHL, the central matter?

Also, is it hard to perceive that Hebdo and the Le Pens share a politics of demonization, against a small minority of former colonial subjects, and their children? The Le Pens in direct political attack against immigrants, and Hebdo using the very potent symbol of The Prophet as the means of attack on this minority, this ‘otherness’ in the midst of the authentically French. Xenophobia and Islamophobia express the same fear of otherness, yet BHL leaves this vexing problematic out, as it interferes with his extensive public scolding of the dissidents.

Almost Marx

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