Robert D. Kaplan on Quisling Europe, a comment by Politcal Skeptic

The perennial political weather forecast for American Likudniks/Neo-Conservatives: it is always Munich and/or Yalta! The give away: the operative word/metaphor ‘appeasement’. And he is not above a cliche ridden public shaming of that European ‘appeasement’, that is redolent with the defensive rhetoric of an adolescent male in the schoolyard! This quoted paragraph demonstrates the Kaplan methodology, everything but the kitchen sink:

Because of their anaemic sense of national purpose, European elites have in several countries ceded measurable ground to the far right or the far left, resulting in a lumpen and populist form of nationalism. Elites are often stranded in the middle, seeking ways to appease both Mr Putin and their own, homegrown extremists. Lumpen nationalism, defeatism and a latent anti-Semitism all flow together.

Is it at all surprising that a Neo-Conservative, a follower of the willfully perverse interpreter of the Philosophical Tradition Leo Strauss, should continue the tradition of the ‘noble lie’ as a Platonic Guardian i.e. Prophet, who sews the seeds of political discord and then reaps the benefits of that discord, in the manufacture of bellicose chatter, from his comfortable study? Mr. Kaplan has a flair for political melodrama, his latest book is titled ‘Asia’s Cauldron: The South China Sea and the End of a Stable Pacific’ . Please take the time to read his very impressive C.V. here:

Also take the time to read this Truthout editorial by the always insightful Mr. Steve Breyman, of May 2014, that is revelatory of the political career of Mr. Kaplan. It will act as an antidote to the Kaplan C.V. :

What is very puzzling, even a bit befuddling, is that Mr. Kaplan fails to see the power that NATO has to shape events/policies, while ostensibly guarding Europe from a threat that no longer exists. Except in the minds of Neo-Cons like Victoria Nuland, Amb. Pyatt , Susan Rice and R2P zealots like Samantha Power and allies/fellow travelers like Strobe Talbott of Brookings. Kaplan gets lost in his denunciation of Quisling Europe, his  zeal blinds him as to the strategic advantage that NATO offers, in the skirmishes of the  New Cold War, the manufactured Ukrainian Crisis representing that perfect opportunity. In fact his forte of ‘strategic thinking’ in this instance seems to be utterly lacking!  Or does the imperative of sewing the seeds of a politically exploitable chaos out weigh strategic considerations?

One need only read the last two paragraphs of Mr. Kaplan’s screed, for screed it is, with a vengeance, to take the measure of this thinker and his  political preoccupation, although there are stronger descriptives:

Or take Israel, a country with which the American public has for more than half a century been stubbornly sympathetic, whatever its often-misguided politicians do to inconvenience US policy. This is (among other things) the result of Israel’s stiff national resolve and gutsy, demonstrated willingness to defend itself.

Gutsy is not a word one would use to describe Europe’s political class. And unless that changes, no US president will be as committed to Europe as his predecessors were during the cold war.

Political Skeptic

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