The Economist on Emanuel v. Garcia, a comment by Political Observer

Where else, but at The Economist, would a shopworn Neo-Liberal like Mayor Emanuel receive plaudits for his snappy one-liners, and his slavish recitation/practice of the cliches, of the utterly failed economic/political paradigm of that same Neo-Liberalism? Where else might the curious reader find such editorializing in favor of His Honor: at WSJ,The National Review or even at the Weekly Standard? With each new question comes another!
Here is a news story in the IBT on the Mayor and his relationship with the Cook County Circuit Court’s choice to oversee the coming election, Langdon Neal. Call it the byzantine politics of Chicago, even before the Daley Dynasty? Here is a revelatory long quote from the story:

‘If Chicago’s first mayoral runoff in history ends up razor close on April 7, the city will be relying on a purportedly independent arbiter to oversee any recount. But that arbiter, the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners, is chaired by a politically-connected lawyer whose firm has received secret city lobbying contracts from incumbent Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration. After receiving those contracts, the chairman has already used his power to boost the mayor’s allies against anti-Emanuel challengers in other municipal elections.

Board chairman Langdon Neal was appointed to his position by the Cook County Circuit Court, not by any city official — a structure that is supposed to preserve the board’s independence from candidates for municipal office. However, the laws establishing the election commission do not prohibit Neal from getting contracts from the mayor, whose election he will oversee. How much he has made from those contracts remains a closely guarded secret: the Emanuel administration has denied an open records request for the terms of the deals, refusing to respond to International Business Times within the timeframe mandated by Illinois law.

The only details that have been disclosed are in city lobbying records, which show that Neal’s law firm, Neal & Leroy, was awarded three lobbying contracts from Chicago Public Schools, the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, and the Public Buildings Commission of Chicago at the beginning of 2012. Neal himself was listed as a lobbyist for the agencies in the city’s disclosure database in 2012, and the most recent city records show Neal is registered as a lobbyist for the agencies in 2015. All three agencies that gave Neal & Leroy lobbying contracts are controlled by Emanuel’s appointees.’

All this makes Mr. Garcia almost look like another Illinois politician , Abe Lincoln.

Political Observer

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