Eli Lake on the Parsi/Zarif allience: a comment by Political Skeptic

You have to credit Mr. Lake with a certain consistency. Just a cursory reading of his latest essay demonstrates that if you are old enough to recall the Cold War, the strategy is the same as his historical precursors, except that instead of Soviet ideological irrationalism and endemic immoralism, he rhetorically situates Iran in the lead role as number one enemy. With the addition of Prof. Trita Parsi as ally of the charming but poisonous Javad Zarif. Call this low grade Political Melodrama! Is Mr. Lake accusing Prof. Parsi, who travels under Iranian, American, and Swedish passports, of treasonous activity? As proof of Mr. Lake’s animosity to Prof. Parsi here is a long quote from the Wikipedia entry on Prof. Parsi, that is instructive of Lake’s predisposition:

‘In 2007, Arizona-based Iranian-American journalist Hassan Daioleslam began publicly asserting that NIAC was lobbying on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In response, Parsi sued him for defamation. As a result of the lawsuit, many internal documents were released, which Washington Times national security correspondent Eli Lake stated “raise questions about whether the organization is using that influence to lobby for policies favorable to Iran in violation of federal law.” The documents included e-mail correspondence between Parsi and Mohammad Javad Zarif, then Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations.[6] E-mail correspondence of Daioleslam said, “I strongly believe that Trita Parsi is the weakest part of the Iranian web because he is related to Siamak Namazi and Bob Ney… I believe that destroying him will be the start of attacking the whole web. This is an integral part of any attack on Clinton or Obama.”[9][10]

In September 2012, a U.S. federal judge John D. Bates threw out the libel suit against Daioleslam on the grounds that “NIAC and Parsi had failed to show evidence of actual malice, either that Daioeslam acted with knowledge the allegations he made were false or with reckless disregard about their accuracy.” Bates also wrote, “Nothing in this opinion should be construed as a finding that defendant’s articles were true. Defendant did not move for summary judgment on that ground, and it has not been addressed here.”[11] ‘


‘ “Nothing in this opinion should be construed as a finding that defendant’s articles were true. Defendant did not move for summary judgment on that ground, and it has not been addressed here.”[11] ‘

The last line of the quoted passage of Judge Bates’ opinion is again instructive as to the animosity that Mr. Lake still holds for both Prof. Parsi and Javad Zarif. Mr. Lake is, to this day, as this essay clearly demonstrates in another political context, making utterly dubious claims that hark back the mendacious tactics of the McCarthy/Nixon/Mundt/McCarren quartet!

Political Skeptic

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