The Greeks vs the Germans as reported by The Telegraph

My two comments to this Telegraph news story:

Comment number one:

The Germans were bailed out four time in the 20th Century: 1924, 1929, 1932 and 1953! Given that reality reported here in the ultra respectable and ultra conservative Financial Times:…
What must we as ordinary folk make of the Greek claim of War Reparations? The negotiations were handled by the Victors,the US and it’s allies in their best interests, not in the interest of the Greek people. With the Soviet threat as a political reality, that made a quick and painless resolution of those War Reparations, for the US and her allies, a low, if not to speak of a relatively unimportant matter, to be arrived at and then forgotten.So the Greeks in power at the time accepted the crumbs the Allies granted to them, but some will never forget this whole sordid affair, and as such the Greeks are loath to forgive the penny pinching Germans as masters of the EU.

Comment number two, a reply to :

So the War Reparations were the ransom the Greeks paid for being rescued from a Soviet Coup? That is your ‘argument’?
For the very complex history of the Greek Civil War see this Wikipedia entry:…
And what must a reader make of this:
‘The insurgents were demoralized by the bitter split between the USSR’s Joseph Stalin (who wanted the war ended) and Yugoslavia’s Tito (who wanted it to continue).[13] In June 1948, the Soviet Union and its satellites broke off relations with President Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia. In one of the meetings held in Kremlin with Yugoslav representatives, during the Soviet-Yugoslav crisis,[57]
Joseph Stalin stated his unqualified opposition to the “Greek
uprising”. Stalin explained to the Yugoslav delegation that the
situation in Greece has always been different from the one in
Yugoslavia, because the US and Britain would “never permit [Greece] to
break off their lines of communication in the Mediterranean.” (Stalin
used the word svernut, Russian for “fold up”, to express what the Greek Communists should do.)’
In this excerpt Tito looks like the ‘bad guy’ and Stalin looks like the political realist.

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