Ms. Applebaum redux, a comment by Political Skeptic

‘We don’t want a new Cold War’  Ms. Applebaum/Mrs.Sikorski has lent her wan propaganda skill to that very end! She and her cohorts Judy Dempsey, Strobe Talbott, David Frum and their allies in the Obama administration:Rice,Nuland,Pyatt,Power and host of others are making it their number one priority to stir up War Fever. To focus on Russian crimes, in an effort to hide the Crimes of the Coup, and the governments who supported it :They brought down a legitimate but corrupt government, and ushered in a government whose slogan of ‘national renewal’ included  prominent positions for Right Sector and Svoboda. The point of the ‘Security Conference’, besides institutionalized political self-congratulation, is the manufacture of more US,EU,NATO intellectual/political moralizing, led by Think Tank denizens and their political allies in or out of government. Who trade on their reputations as policy technocrats i.e. The New Cold Warriors, Ms. Applebaum being one very prominent member of that nihilistic guild!
Political  Skeptic

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