Anne Applebaum: Russophobe and low rent Eric Ambler

Here, in sum, is the central conceit of Ms. Applebaum’s hysteria mongering essay, the patient reader is rewarded with this indictment of Russia under Putin, the Party Line of the Neo-Con/R2P menage, as refracted through the Litvinenko murder, all is revealed as in bad fiction, in her concluding paragraph :

‘ If we are serious about halting the growth of a Russian regime which is not only corrupt but also dangerous, posing a security threat to London as well as the rest of Europe, the best thing we can do is change this attitude. We should enforce our own laws, not only pursuing any alleged murder and treating Russian criminal cases with the seriousness they deserve, but closing the loopholes and ending the accounting tricks that have helped enrich a kleptocratic elite.’

Ms. Applebaum is a professional Russophobe i.e. a political ally of the Neo-Cons and R2P zealots that enabled the Ukrainian Coup, with billions of American dollars and substantial investment of EU money. The cast of characters:Victoria Nuland, Amb. Pyatt,Yats, allied with Right Sector and Svoboda who acted as enablers for the coup, that ousted the utterly corrupt but duly elected Viktor Yanukovich. Add to that list the zealous Samantha Power, Susan Rice and an utterly disingenuous and or clueless President Obama. And please don’t forget Ms. Applebaum’s newest idee fixe of ‘Terrorism’. For a counterpoint to this extended commentary  see her essay at Slate of January 23, 2015 that cautions the reader against over-reacting to ‘Terrorism’, in the Charlie Hebdo massacres :

How is it that the evil political mastermind  Putin, in her wobbly myth-making narrative, is connected to Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun? That is the central question that Ms. Applebaum leaves unanswered, but simply by rhetorical proximity might lead to an unavoidable conclusion, or should I characterize it as a jump? History is not Ms. Applebaum’s strong suit, as the case of  dissident Georgi Markov demonstrates, he was killed in London street, in 1978, by means of ricin impregnated pellets, fired into his leg via an umbrella wielded by a Bulgarian secret police operative:

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