Douthat on Ryan’s Poverty Proposal: a comment by Political Cynic

Let’s file this Ryan poverty proposal with his infamous Budget Proposals, that Mr. Douthat dubbed ‘policy entrepreneurship’, a grotesque euphemism for propaganda! The White Male Ethos, a la Mitt Romney, that currently rules the Modern Republican Party, asks in the person of Rep. Ryan, that the ‘poor’ write a business plan/proposal to receive their pittance. Predicated,proposed as a block grant to the states. The question arises: how will the states evaluate these business plans/proposals, except by means of a bureaucracy who will read and evaluate each of these documents? The block grant is the way that Free Marketeers shift the burden of evaluation to the states: this is utterly transparent manipulation, as described by Mr. Douthat.

The desperation of the Republican Party, to somehow appear as if they cared about the ‘poor’ is amply demonstrated, in another failed attempt to demonstrate a non-existent concern for the ‘poor’. What happened to all those savvy propaganda specialist from the Reagan era? Or even the master manipulator Karl Rove, who could produce at the least a plausible alternative to this very weak sauce. It’s very hard to think of Rep. Ryan as the new Jack Kemp, he lacks that glad handing bonhomie.

Political Cynic

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