Where have you been? A comment by Political Realist

One needs to ask the only real pertinent question of Mr Rumer: where have you been? This essay is the captive of the propaganda frame of the American National Security State i.e. that the Ukrainian Coup was ‘spontaneous uprising’. The co-conspirators/financial enablers of the Ukrainian Coup, Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt are completely missing, indeed absent from Mr Rumer’s laudable plea for diplomatic engagement with Putin and Russia, on the pressing question of Ukraine.

Mr. Rumer, in pursuit of political respectability, leaves the American propaganda narrative alone: to question it is to set himself apart from the other respectable conformist opinionators.

Ms. Nuland’s notorious leaked phone call:


On Ms. Nuland this from The American Conservative, hardly a publication with any unseemly radical associations:


An informative quote from this essay seems appropriate:

‘Ms. Nuland’s testimony was notable for her prediction that Russian citizens will one day ask with regard to their country’s incursion into Ukraine:

What have we really achieved? Instead of funding schools, hospitals, science, and prosperity at home in Russia, we have squandered our national wealth on adventurism, interventionism, and the ambitions of a leader who cares more about empire then his own citizens.

Well, whatever the Russian people think of Putin’s adventurism—and if recent poll numbers are anything to go by, they think pretty well of it—it’s the American people who are sorely tired of American adventures abroad.’

This from Global Research titled, The Neoliberal Neo-Nazi Coup in Ukraine. The World is at a Dangerous Crossroads:


From Global Research on MH-17:


This from Paul Craig Roberts:


Political Realist


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