The Culture War’s Sore Winners: further comments by American Litterateur

I posted this on July 1, 2014 via TwitLonger, yet I feel that I missed an important point about this propaganda and its framing. Mr. Douthat does not so much as praise the Hobby Lobby decision, as much as he criticizes ‘Liberals’ for poor sportsmanship, among other aspersions: he starts with a long quotation from an essay of March 19,2012 by Kevin Drum:
Mr. Drum is unapologetic, even a bit bellicose, about the ‘Culture Wars’ as being the property of an ‘Aggressive Cultural Liberalism’ to use Mr. Douthat’s term. It makes an excellent rhetorical frame for the hectoring, scolding tone of the essay, laced with one of the most unattractive and disingenuous facets of Modern Conservatism, it’s closely held masochism.
The body of Mr. Drum’s essay is devoted to a history of Supreme Court appointments using an essay by Ed Kilgore in the Washington Monthly of March 19, 2012 titled This Day in RINO Betrayal! as his starting point.
Can it get more convoluted? Or is the intent of this framing toward the political end of a propaganda, that seems to be based upon a rational something, but is in fact about the political anger of Mr. Douthat: in a desperate search for a usable/viable argumentative matrix? I republish my original essay unedited

The Myth of the Religious Victim is the twin of the Myth of the White Male Victim trotted out at various political occasions: to demonstrate the virtue of the persecuted, in the face of the hegemony of the Godless Secularists and the Evils of Affirmative Action. Should it surprise anyone that the quartet of Neo-Confederate/Originalists on the Supreme Court have a propensity to view the prerogatives of male power as sacred? And to view the sexual emancipation of women: the availability of birth control, as a threat to that already eroded, indeed breached battle line? The Conservative Argument is to repeal the last 54 years of our history! As they live not in the 21st Century, but reside in the intellectual/moral/political pre-bellum 19th Century, circa 1850? American Conservatism of the present can be succinctly described as a self-created radicalized political nostalgia! Perhaps Mr. Douthat is too steeped in the manufactured melodrama of American Movies, (he even lapses at one point into to cliche ridden script-chatter), and his own religious obsessions, to see that how and what his fellow citizens do, and how they conduct themselves sexually is not the business of Hobby Lobby or anyone else. Which leads Mr. Douthat and his political allies to the manufacture a myth of convenience: that the Secularists are forcing them to do something against their deeply held religious beliefs, and it is therefore wrong. Mr. Douthat’s Conservatives fight against a pernicious, politically poisonous Liberal ‘Culture-War Aggressions ‘. Mr. Douthat doesn’t so much extemporize on the themes from Dryden’s The Hind and the Panther as he maladroitly riffs on themes from Matthew Prior, Charles Montagu and Tom Brown.

American Litterateur

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