Political Observer on Frum Chatter, the May 28 ,2014 episode

There really isn’t much here except the usual hectoring Frum Chatter. Mr. Frum gets great mileage out of reminding/lecturing the President of the political reality of a vocal opposition. But is utterly disingenuous about the nihilist Republican opposition’s destructive vendetta against the President. That is so pervasive an idee fixe that the Party has abandoned governance, for active sabotage of legislation, that might help the victims of the still stalled economy: an extension of Unemployment benefits. Although they managed to pass the Ryan Budget- call this ‘budget’ public relations chicanery!
Mr. Frum does mention Ukraine, which has been one of the great successes of his political fellow traveler Victoria Nuland, in alliance with the EU and ‘Yats’ and his Right Sector and Svoboda allies. This victory for American political adventurism fully supported by the President, rhetorically framed in the reality of a New Cold War, as virulent Russo-phobia and Putin as the New Stalin. The success of the American backed Ukrainian Coup, must remain, for reasons of Frum’s political convenience and opportunism, unexpressed.
From both President Obama’s 2009 and 2014 addresses delivered at West Point, he remains an unapologetic imperialist, expressed as the notion and practice of ‘American Exceptionalism’. The President reaffirms that faith without apology, but that faith isn’t quite enough for Mr. Frum, he prefers a more bellicose expression of the cult of American mastery. President Obama is too gentile, too reserved, too measured an imperialist. Drone murder is not quite enough to slake Mr. Frum’s appetite for war, after all he is a Neo-Conservative, with no military experience: a perfect policy adviser in the Kissinger mold, or armchair general?

Political Observer

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