On Ukraine: Thinking Together Kyiv , 15 – 19 May: a comment by Political Observer


Timothy Snyder, Leon Wieseltier,Bernard-Henri Levy were the head line acts for this propaganda fest, probably sponsored by The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, or from Victoria Nuland’s spare change, left over from the five billion spent on the overthrow of the legitimate Ukrainian regime. Add to that the ‘moral support’ of fellow travelers Michael Ignatieff and Samantha Power, notorious R2P zealots. With an assist from the Daily Beast’s Lake/Rogan/Kirchick Neo-Conservative chicken-hawk coterie of hysteria mongers.
The New York Review of Books has been Mr. Snyder’s publisher of choice since he began writing his essays about the Ukrainian Coup. It’s not so much about the decline in political standards at the NYRB, but about the historically exercised bad judgment in the choice of Isaiah Berlin as intellectual/moral standard bearer. Whose Liberalism based on the historical reality i.e. facts of political/ethical incommensurables, led to a kind of political fatalism or even paralysis, in the face of the political status quo, as an acceptable inevitability. While Sir Isaiah’s had a penchant for currying the favor of the powerful, he blocked the academic appointment of Isaac Deutscher, so much for the ‘Liberal’ notion of freedom of thought.


Political Observer

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