On The Piketty Panic. Almost an Essay by Political Observer

You might begin your exploration of the ‘Piketty Panic’ by beginning with the book itself, or short of that, you could begin with the ten part essay at the Economist posted by R.A. of London. This is really worth the time to read and study, if you are not going to read the book. This set of essays is of the highest caliber . The first part of this essay cycle:


After you’ve read this enlightening cycle of essays you might consult this essay, again from The Economist, that reflects a frontal attack  on the policies that Capital advocates:


You might also read this from the Financial Times by Robert Shrimsley titled ‘ The Nine Stages of the Piketty bubble’, a satire that utterly misfired, or insult laden polemic, hard to tell which:


You must read the Krugman essay at the New York Times:


And the essay that Krugman links to, in his NYT essay, by James Pethokoukis at National Review titled The New Marxism:


But the piece de resistance of the ‘Piketty Panic’  is this David Brooks essay from the New York Times titled The Piketty Phenomenon. In it the panic transforms itself into ugly political paranoia. A marvel, of it’s kind.


Political Observer



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