My comments at Left, Right and Center: Week ending April 13, 2014

As much as I respect Chrystia Freeland, I must say that she totally ignores American and E.U. meddling in Ukrainian political affairs. The exact same thing she condemns the Dictator Putin for! According to reliable sources America spent 5 billion dollars to subvert a duly elected government, aided by 100 million from the E.U. The American front group was the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy an utterly notorious Neo-Conservative organization. A mention of fellow traveler Victoria Nuland and her husband Robert Kagan seems completely appropriate as the meddlers who aided, birthed this ‘revolution’.
Americans since 1823 (Monroe Doctrine) have by use of this utterly bogus assertion of power, of hegemony over our neighbors, makes the current American arguments that some how a Russian claim to such hegemony has no legitimacy – it boggles the mind, in it’s expression of imperialist hypocrisy,hubris! The very notion that Putin would allow the stationing ABM’s in Ukraine and the IMF bailout i.e. the looting of the country, strains credulity to the point of fracture.
Read Paul Craig Roberts as antidote to the current vogue of Russo-phobia and Putin as the ‘New Stalin’ propaganda:…

c_woof & Mr. De Angelis
I think that I might just speculate on the possibility of Ms. F.’s political relationship with R2P ‘Liberal’ Michael Ignatieff, who ran and lost a political race in Canada, and then retired from Canadian politics. He still contributes to the New York Review of Books and other publications. He is an acolyte of notorious Cold War intellectual Isaiah Berlin and is another cheerleader for the current crop of Russiaphobes, Ms. F. prominent among them, if you define her anti-Putanism as a kind of sophisticated version of same.
The New York Review has become a regular publisher of Mr. I.s reviews along with Mr. Timothy Snyder’s regular dispatches from ‘Ukrainian Revolution Front’. Where he encountered rather stiff resistance to his apologetics for this bogus revolution, from regulars readers like myself, Mr. S.’s defensiveness was unsubtle, even embarrassing. The NYRB is also a regular publisher of reviews and opinion pieces by Mr. Cass Sunstein, spouse of Samantha Power: how cozy must it get? My point being that a whole intellectual coterie of ‘Liberals’, Neo-Cons, and R2P zealots are constructing a convenient narrative which is a truly mendacious attempt to foment a New Cold War and a revival of Containment: Douthat advocates Containment without the necessity of a New Cold War: the Conservative Imagination conflicts with Mr. Kennan’s 1947 logic, which even he repudiated.
My ramble here is to try to describe a small part of a propaganda campaign that is being relentlessly repeated by ‘legitimate voices’, that could lead to war with Russia: the common dream of Neo-Cons and their allies the R2P ‘Liberal’ allies, and the well meaning but myopic Ms. Freeland. I hope that it is myopia!
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The beginning of the end was Gorbachev’s introduction of Perestroika and Glasnost in 1985, well before the internal collapse of the Soviet Union. And very importantly it put to rest the closely held belief/lynchpin of Cold War Theology, that the Soviet system was incapable of internal reform! The utter loss of legitimacy of the Soviet system internally, a sclerosis had set in, in the leadership and the Party: it became untenable from the inside, even given Gorbachev’s attempt at reform.
Ms. Freeland, as Mr. De Angelis cogently points out, does not begin at the beginning, the billions spent by the USA an the EU to foment internal trouble, with the plan to install a government hand picked by Ms. Nuland. See the two transcripts of her conversation here:
Ms. Freeland is not naive, witness her book length study of the transition of the Soviet economy from command to ‘Free Market’, Sale of the Century, but to give her the benefit of the doubt, surly her ties to Ukraine, and obvious symapthy for the very legitimate strivings of it’s people for a better government i.e. less corruption and a better life, which we must as observers must not discount. But the very possibility of her association with the R2P Neo-Liberals like Ignatieff and his dubious Neo-Con political allies should make us wary of awarding the laurel to Ms. Freeland, at least at this unpropitious moment!
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