Mr. Leslie Gelb advises President Obama on Ukraine: An essay by Political Cynic

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Mr. Gelb, in his essay titled Obama Must Show He’ll use Military Means to Deter Russia in Ukraine,proves without doubt that he is a Neo-Liberal jingo, although this side of his foreign policy thought is usually muted. It also demonstrates that the difference between the Neo-Liberals and the Neo-Conservatives is completely imaginary, and that Wilsonian Idealism is the continuing malady of American Policy Thinkers, even in their dotage!

Mr. Gelb all but calls President Obama a coward, and then offers the president strategic advice on deployment of F-22’s, as if he were clueless as to the escalation that represents.We should give this advice the scorn it deserves! Mr. Gelb has no military experience, whatever.

The Daily Beast has become a nest of War Mongers, featuring the work of Eli Lake, a notorious manufacturer of propaganda, added to this is the voice of Mr. Gelb, beating the war drum.

Political Cynic

P.S. Please read Mr. Dettmer’s essay and look at the ‘incriminating picture gallery’ that is utterly pathetic, in terms of effective propaganda. For the full effect read Mr.D’s melodramatic hysteria mongering, or should it be dubbed a excerpt from his forthcoming non-fiction novel The Battle for Hearts and Minds:The Revolution in Ukraine co-authored by Victoria Nuland with advice from Robert Kagan?




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