David Brooks on Mrs. Thatcher by Political Cynic

Here is David Brooks in The New York Times,opining on the death of Mrs. Thatcher, whose opening paragraph gives away the game of this Conservative chatterer:
‘The 1990 Tory coup against Margaret Thatcher was the most intense political event I’ve covered. The Conservative politicians who were trying to remove her from party leadership and the prime minister’s office knew they were toppling a person who was their political and moral superior. They knew she had earned the right to face the country in an election one last time, rather than be deposed by the supposed lieutenants in her own party. They sensed there would be some Shakespearean retribution for the act of disloyalty they were engaged in. They went around rubbing their hands like Lady Macbeth trying to expunge the sin even as they were committing it.’
Mr. Brooks plays it rhetorically at the melodramatic dénouement of the career of Mrs.Thatcher. How perfect to play it back as witness to the regicide of our heroine, so as to avoid anything but praise for her morality,steadfastness etc., in the face of the Socialist perfidy, and the betrayal by her own party: et tu Brute? Mrs. Thatcher as the exemplar of the ‘culture of rectitude’ vs the ‘culture of narcissism’. Does any narrative produced by Mr. Brooks ever vary from his  Conservative obsession and/or fantasy of decline?
‘She championed a certain sort of individual, one who possessed what the writer Shirley Robin Letwin called the Vigorous Virtues: “upright, self-sufficient, energetic, adventurous, independent-minded, loyal to friends and robust against foes.” ‘
Mr. Brooks’ rhetorical strategy pays off quite handsomely, he is disburdened of any real responsibility to discuss with any candor Mrs. T’s Hayekian faith in the Free Market and it’s failures. That we live with every day, as the inheritors of her policy initiatives. The Economic collapse in 2008 and it’s successor idea and practice of Austerity are her living monument.

Political Cynic

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