David Brooks and the ‘private-sector job creators’ by Old New Dealer

David Brooks is a pundit that can’t keep from putting his foot in his mouth:
“The progressive budget in the House seems to have been written by people hermetically sealed in the house of government. They work in government. They represent public-sector workers. They seem to have had little contact with private-sector job creators and no idea about what factors might play in their thinking. It’s a reminder that while Republicans may embarrass on a daily basis, many progressives have lost touch with what actually produces growth and prosperity.”
The ‘Free Market’ was a destructive failure, followed by the equally failed ‘Austerity’:one economic theology followed by another. One might ask the most pertinent question: who are the ‘private-sector job creators’? Another question: where are the ‘jobs’? Obscene profits on Wall Street, and a totally sluggish job market, Mr. Brooks seems to be suffering from his own bought with hermeticism.

Old New Dealer

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