Ross Douthat’s history made to measure by Political Cynic

The full cast of characters of the potent mythology of the current Republican Party are front and center for Mr Douthat's essay titled 'A Time for Choosing', posted November 3,2012. A profligate Federal Government that spends more than it takes in, the retirement of the baby boomers, the attempted, but not fully realized, austerity, government spending at 25 percent of GDP, in 2009. This as introduction to the Republican's ever ready 'painful policy decisions'. These 'painful policy decisions' do not apply to a Wall Street glutted on obscene profits. All this is completely predictable, including this attack on Scandinavian Social Democracy, that needs full quotation:
"The European model of social democracy has its virtues, but it has always depended on the wealth created by American laissez-faire. As a recent economic paper entitled “Can’t We All Be More Like Scandinavians?” points out, it’s easier for smaller countries to afford a more “cuddly” form of capitalism if big countries like the United States are driving global economic growth. And the price of a permanently larger government — in growth lost, private-sector jobs left uncreated, breakthroughs forgone — is much higher for a country of our size and influence than it is for a Sweden or a France."
Mr. Douthat will never cease his war on the menace of socialism, but that 'American laissez-faire' that Mr. D. mentions was the Marshall Plan wedded to the Roosevelt New Deal, the actualized 'Third Way' of the, now, forgotten debate of some years past, at least in the New Democratic camp. And by all means don't forget the burden of all those old folks deftly renamed as 'protected clients'. This opposed to the young 'productive entrepreneurs'. When has the Republican Party done anything for the young?
Mr. Douthat confines his argument for Romney/Ryan to the economic sphere, which renders this re-write of our contemporary economic history, through the Douthat lens as predictably myopic and completely one dimensional.
Political Cynic

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