Ross Douthat: Structuralist? by Political Observer

Decided voters/undecided voters
Political insiders/political outsiders
High information voter/low information voter
Political skeptic/political believer
Wise Athenian/Colosseum mob (a historical miss)

Along with these binary opposites, the very stuff of the Structuralist intellectual endeavor, comes a certain convenient myth: The bipartisan back and forth of political negotiation: not any kind of reality, in the Republican mindset and the very real political obstructionism since the defeat of 2008. Although Mr. Douthat's argument falls to ruin, without this comforting bit of rhetorical legerdemain. We might just call it what it is, a rather scandalous but necessary untruth! Here is a salient, indeed instructive, example of Republican concern over the vote, in one state.
"The Secretary of State of Ohio, Jon Husted, has apologized to the U.S. District Court Judge who ruled against him last week. The Judge, Peter Economus, ordered Husted to reinstate the three-day “early voting” days and hours, which Husted had eliminated as a supposed confusion-eliminating measure. Husted, however, brazenly defied the judge’s order, telling all Ohio county voting officials to ignore the ruling until the order was heard by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals – a Republican-leaning court."

Mr. Douthat's essay reaffirms his status as apologist for a Party, not just deeply committed to a self-serving political nihilism, but to active subversion of republican principles and practices, not to speak of defiance of the law.

Political Observer


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