David Brooks in praise of Obama/Biden/Clinton by American Litterateur

Is there anything like the collection of cliches, borrowed phrases, and intellectual sundries that make up the body of David Brooks latest essay at the New York Times titled Where Obama Shines. Mr. Brooks stumbles over himself in praise of the Foreign Policy of Obama/Biden/Clinton, in his own disingenuous self-serving way. He likes to remind his readers of his status as expert, in the realm of the political, while not actually possessing anything but an ideology. But to be fair, or even to simply try to inhabit the notion of objectivity, Mr. Brooks is a free floating Conservative, who can, with a certain intellectual dexterity, sound rhetorical notes, that resembles a kind of rationalism, that resonates with what might best be described as an oppositional reader. Forgive me for my convoluted expression in the last sentence, but his methodology is complex enough to demand a rigorous form of analysis, even though it be a clumsy sketch. The ultimate question in regards to Mr. Brooks and his opinionating might be put as: am I describing a pragmatist or an intellectual opportunist? Let me quote the first paragraph, with it's allusion to the essay of Isaiah Berlin, and encourage my readers to read his column in full:

It won’t help him win many votes this year, but it should be noted that Barack Obama has been a good foreign policy president. He, Vice President Joseph Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the rest of his team have created a style of policy making that is flexible, incremental and well adapted to the specific circumstances of this moment. Following a foreign policy hedgehog, Obama’s been a pretty effective fox.”

American Litterateur

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