David Brooks on Bain Capital as ‘Creative Destruction’

Should the attentive reader of Mr. David Brooks essay of May 17, 2012, titled How Change Happens, be surprised that he chooses the Wall Street Journal and the National Review as the sources of evaluations of the business practices of Bain Capital and Mr. Mitt Romney? Rather than the extensive and uncomplimentary reportage of his employers at the New York Times. A reader, relying on empirical evidence or something close to that ideal, might just search the New York Times data base for the pertinent stories, but Mr. Brooks' intent is ideological rather than reality based. Here is a link to one such story titled After a Romney Deal, Profits and Then Layoffs by Michael Barbaro of November 12, 2011. Mr. Brooks also uses as rhetorical frame the idea of 'creative destruction' borrowed from Joseph Schumpeter, an interpretation of Karl Marx, a small but important aside in the history of economics. Mr. Brooks is a brazen ideologue and propagandist who never tires of defending the vulgar dog eat dog that is the only real idea of Robber Capital. Conservatism demonstrates that it has fallen on hard times, when it relies on the blatant, yet transparent, propaganda of Mr. Brooks.

Political Observer

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