An amuse-gueule from Howard Davies by Political Cynic

Howard Davies, a Professor at the Institute of Political Studies(Sciences PO), is the author of an essay in the TLS of April 27,2012 titled Triple A Trouble. A review of two books: Finance and The Good Society by Robert Shiller and Paper Promises by Philip Coggan. Not to spoil the fun, but Professor Davies has two obvious dislikes, Occupy Protestors and François Hollande, i.e. some unwashed hippies with no program, just youthful nihilism and M. Hollande who looks like a Socialist. But have no fear Professor Davies' contempt is palpable and he is democratic in his gift of that rhetoric. And he demonstrates an addiction to the bromides of the present received wisdom of the 'Now', in economics and politics, which is not quite 'Centrism' but is not yet a full scale apologetics for the failed Neo-Liberal Paradigm. Could it be Austerity or one of it's many permutations? An unanswered question. It is hard to follow this beautifully composed essay's inchoate political trajectory, but he has mastered the world weary cynicism that I thought was my exclusive territory, although he does it with such style and with just the right amount of intellectual garnish. The a priori remains unexplored yet makes its indispensable contribution. One can only feel bested by a practitioner of greater skill and imagination. He style lays bare the possibility of the very notion and practice of contempt, married to a winning yet acerbic rhetorical demeanor.
Political Cynic


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