David Bosco at The Mutilatralist on Neo-Cons vs. Liberal Interventionists by Almost Marx


The Liberal Interventionist is no more! I assert that without apology. The contest of ideas is between the death cult of Neo-Conservatism and their first cousins the New Democrats. The spirochete of the Imperial Disease has infected both contestants. Even the self-exculpatory intellectual chatter of Mr. David Bosco, in his essay in Foreign Policy titled What divides neocons and liberal interventionists, can’t erase the fact that President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton believe and practice, not an institutional multilateralism, but a destructive even murderous unilateralism. Both these political actors assert their right to practice the ability to declare anyone, or any country, an enemy of this state, and execute them without redress, or invade at will. The descriptive phrases abound in this exercise in deep analysis by Mr. Bosco: liberal interventionist, global architecture,mainstream liberal interventionists, the stuff of bourgeois respectable political opinionating, well garnished with a reader in mind that just might not exist, except as a figment of the cliché ridden imagination of Mr. Bosco. His intellectual surety and poise reflect the practiced rhetorician who realizes the a priori limits of legitimist political discourse.

Almost Marx


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