At Chez Brooks, again by Almost Marx

What do David Brooks, The American Enterprise Institute, and the world’s population demographics have in common? That and other questions are elucidated in Mr. Brooks essay of March 12, 2012 titled The Fertility Implosion , be forewarned, his mood is Delphic. The declining birthrates of Arabs is Mr. Brooks starting point, assisted by a study published by The American Enterprise Institute. This is just the beginning of an essay whose point seems somewhat ambiguous, but delivered in his usual breathless, overwrought style. Perhaps the point of this mysterious exercise is that what the new world is becoming is a competition between Chinese slave state Capitalism and enlightened American Capital? The thinning Arab horde being just a garnish, an addition to the usual Conservative décor : a companion idea to the ever evolving Western notion of The Yellow Peril and all it’s intellectual permutations and iterations. I could be mistaken! Both Mr. Brooks and The American Enterprise Institute fervently believe that the blessings of Capital must and should be brought to the whole world, in its Free Market expression. A higher birth rate is to be encouraged, even demanded, so as to produce the workers and consumers that Capital must have to do it’s evangelical work. The simplistic differentiation between growth and development and the notion that the economy is the servant of human aspiration, rather than it’s master, are ideas that escapes the intellectual attention of both Mr. Brooks and The American Enterprise Institute. For an alternative view of the the role of Economics in a more holistic context read this enlightening Wikipedia entry:

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