A New Social Agenda: A Selective Lexical Guide by American Litterateur, Part One


“ I’m to Rick Santorum’s left on most social issues, like same-sex marriage and abortion. I’m also put off by his Manichaean political rhetoric.”

( Mr. Brooks is a Conservative with a capital C so he just can’t bring myself to speak ill of another fellow Conservative Republican (are there any Moderate Republicans?) . You recall the 11th Commandment of thirty some years ago? As for “Manichaean Rhetoric” that’s just Mr. Brooks’ intellectually inflated way of saying that Mr. Santorum likes to keep political comments within the bounds of the hyperbolic, the polemical.)


“He seems to imagine America’s problems can best be described as the result of a culture war between the God-fearing conservatives and the narcissistic liberals.”

( This is the closest Mr. Brooks get to employing actual political irony, since he really does believe that Liberals are Narcissistic and that, indeed, we are engaged in a Culture War: A War against The Godless,The Heretical.)

“One of Santorum’s strengths is that he understands that a nation isn’t just an agglomeration of individuals; it’s a fabric of social relationships. In his 2005 book, “It Takes a Family,” he had chapters on economic capital as well as social capital, moral capital, cultural capital and intellectual capital. He presents an extended argument against radical individualism. “Just as original sin is man’s inclination to try to walk alone without God, individualism is man’s inclination to try to walk alone among his fellows,” he writes.”

( In sum what Mr. Santorum is advocating is the Tribalism and Neo-tribalism of the Abrahamic Tradition. This set of beliefs must then become the guiding principles for our national life, and that ‘radical individualism’ must be understood as any form of nonconformity, political,intellectual, sexual that does not meet that standard. The vexed question of Constitutional governance then becomes moot: our conformity is our freedom.)

“Communities breed character. Santorum argues that government cannot be agnostic about the character of its citizens because the less disciplined the people are, the more government must step in to provide order.”

(The Community will enforce its version of ‘morality’ and ‘right conduct’ on the members of that Community, in the name of political manageability and the social tranquility: a highly socialized Panopticon.)

“His political philosophy is built around the Catholic concept of subsidiarity — that everything should be done at the lowest possible level. That produces a limited role for Washington, but still an important one.”

(His political philosophy is built upon the care and maintenance of male power otherwise known as Patriarchy. His political vision is theocratic rather than democratic, the state of Iran is an example.)


“Over the years, Santorum has sought to use the federal government to nurture healthy communities. Welfare reform, which he helped lead, was a paternalistic way to use state power to encourage hard work.”

( Are there no work houses, no poor houses that can provide subsistence for the less worthy among us? We must not be deterred from our destiny is to wage war on the Infidels.)

American Litterateur





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