Publius on Niall Ferguson and the fiscal responsibilities of Empire

Here is America’s favorite import next to Rupert Murdoch and Ahmad Chalabi, Niall Ferguson. He has something important to tell us about ‘The American Empire’ and how we really can’t afford to give up the burdens of empire, just because it’s bankrupting our treasury and demoralizing our national life, after the failure of the Free Market Experiment in 2008. It’s only costing us 4.7% of GDP for the entire ‘Defense’ Budget neatly contrasted with 10.3 % of GDP for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Mr. Ferguson never fails to engage statistical power when the defense of ideology demands it. Mr. Ferguson is the ardent defender of America as the successor of the British Empire with all the attendant baggage, like endless war on populations that are resistant to the benevolent guiding hand of their imperial masters.  Mr. Ferguson enjoys being a well placed academic, an Expert, in the parlance of the triumphant Technocratic Mythology, with no real experience of the costs of war, which insures that he can romanticize about that singular imperial pastime, with a kind of mindless joy, as he moves the pieces on the board, in his well insulated study.




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