@AudreyTonnelier diagnosis ‘The Macron Problem’ @LeMonde_EN: March 31, 2023

Old Socialist comments.

The Reader wonders where Ms. Tonnelier, was during all the ‘excitement’ , or even the promise of Neo-Liberalism, Macron StyleFramed as the highfalutin ‘Jupertarian Politics’. Tonnelier expresses her disillusionment, of a kind. Macronism was, is, and will always be, about the Public Relation’s savvy of a class of Technocrats, and their allies in the Press!

In America readers of that journalistic dinosaur ‘Time’ were regaled by with celebratory notion of Macron as the apostle ‘French Renewal’ . While the once editor of Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter, swooned over Macron, that rated front cover status, usually reserved for the latest ‘Movie Star’ on the rise, or more pointedly on the has-been on the ‘skids’. And or the lurid ‘True Crime Drama’ as reported by Dominick Dunne.

 Of the Early Macron now long forgotten, in the wake of his ‘Pension Reform’ and the full scale Rebellion… as The Middle Class finally pays attention, to what the gilets jaunes are/were about.

Headline: ‘The government’s amateurism on pensions contrasts with the efficiency Macron displayed in 2017’

Sub-headline: With the accumulation of political errors and technical mishaps, the presidential camp is losing its image of a party of reason, writes Audrey Tonnelier in her column.


Ms. Tonnelier’s expression of disillusionment. While Macrons ‘Jupertarian Politics’ expresses itself as utterly Anti-Democratic!

It is difficult to say at this point. Twelve months and 10 days of national protests on, the failure of the government to convince is obvious. Not only did the government fail in federating a solid political majority around its objective and choose to use Article 49.3 of the Constitution to pass the bill without a vote in Parliament, but it also appeared to be the one turning down the outstretched hand of the unions.

Last week, Macron lamented “that no one (…) proposed a compromise.” In doing so, he deprived himself of welcome support in a moment of unprecedented social tension.

There is more. Even before the clashes that followed the use of Article 49.3, errors of communication and other approximations on the substance of the reform were a feature of the political and parliamentary debates.

What is called for here, is a ruthless rhetorical pruning, as Ms. Tonnelier drones on…

But it soon became very difficult to distinguish the characteristics of the current and previous reforms and the public turned critical.

The controversy over the employment of older workers, a mathematical consequence of the raise of the retirement age according to some government members, before accompanying measures to support the hiring of people over 50 were discussed, made things even more complicated.

Finally, the allusive nature of an impact study of the reform on many aspects, starting with the “redistributive” facet of the bill – Who will benefit from the new bill and to what extent? – also contributed.

The utter failure of nerve, of political candor, in sum, of the cowardice of Ms. Tonnelier, to address Macron’s ‘Jupertarian Politics’ as the expression of Anti-Democratic Imperatives – yet foretold in her ‘the efficiency Macron displayed in 2017′ as a pre-apologetic?

Old Socialist

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