Edward Luce acts as ‘Friend of Joe’ in The Financial Times ?

Political Cynic comments.

Mr. Luce acting as ‘Friend of Joe’ was almost exhilarating. Or was it just his exposition of the politics of D.C., that acted as its simulacrum?

That lobbyists are/were acting like the hyenas they are, hardly constitutes political revelation! But that the the corporate contributions, to Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, are at an almost obscene level, offers a revelation, that excels almost any observation that Mr. Luce offers. Perhaps the last paragraphs of his essay, in which he explains ‘reality’ to his readership, should be taken in the spirit of explanation, of the D.C. political process, rather than ‘Friend of Joe’ advocacy?

But US political wisdom is refracted through multiple lenses and what voters want is rarely visible on the other side. Washington is enmired in ritual agony about government over-reach and fiscal irresponsibility. Both sides are complicit in this. Biden’s supporters began by describing his reforms as the biggest since Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and even Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. That made it easier for his opponents to warn of a socialist takeover.

In reality we are witnessing a familiar tale: medium-sized proposals get watered down by big lobbyists. Is it any surprise voters are so cynical?


When Mr. Luce recovers his Posh Boy sang-froid, Joe will return to his guise of Socialist Menace, for his ‘Almost New Deal’. The fact that this will be Joe’s last act, the denouement of his political career, hasn’t caused this Neo-Liberal to present an actual ‘New Deal’ but its simulacrum.

Political Cynic

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